Facts About Mexico Project

For the Mexico project, our class learned a lot about the culture and geography of Mexico. First, we studied the populations of certain states and cities in Mexico. We compared the amount of people that live in Mexico City to cities in the U.S. I learned that Mexico City has approximately 8 million more residents than D.C. We also studied the populations of the state of Nayarit and compared it to Texas. Next, we labeled and colored a map of Mexico and learned about Mexico’s currency, government and president. Finally, we researched 10 interesting places to visit in Mexico. Two of the places had to be from Nayarit because our book that we’re reading in class relates to Nayarit. Overall, I learned several things about Mexico. One example being that Guadalajara is the second most populous city in Mexico. I also learned that Mexico has many beautiful places to visit other than beaches.

My 2 favorite places that I picked in my slideshow are Hierve el Agua and Aqua Azul because they are both waterfalls. After visiting Niagara Falls, I have been obsessed with visiting waterfalls. They are so relaxing and breathtaking.

Spanish 1 Honors

Wooly Week – In February, our spanish learner website (Señor Wooly) released a new song called La Cancion Original. In class, we went over the vocabulary that is in the song. We did class discussions to learn the vocab instead of doing boring worksheets. We also played a game where we ran across the room and stuck our vocabulary words on the board that matched the sentences read aloud. The nuggets that we did on Señor Wooly helped us to learn new words by listening to songs. Overall, Wooly Week was a fun and different way to learn more Spanish.

Favorite part about Wooly Week – My favorite part about Wooly Week was that we had a new seating arrangement, and we didn’t do worksheets all class period. On paperwork, I only learn the vocabulary temporarily, but in class discussions where we repeat and apply the words over and over, I actually memorize and understand the target words.

Billy la Bufanda – Billy la Bufanda is another song on Señor Wooly. (and it is amazing!) Billy is a scarf that goes to a whole bunch of places and eventually falls in love with a pair of boots. Over spring break, our teacher sent us home with a picture of Billy. We were asked to do an activity called Flat Billy where we take pictures of Billy at different places. During the break, I took 10 pictures of Billy across town that were eventually put into a project. My project was a Google slideshow in which I explained six photos and what Billy liked about those particular places.

Why Me?

Out of one person in the school with CP

it had to be me.

Only me.

No one else but me.

I just want to be like everyone else,

but I can’t.

My fish feels the same way

trapped in his own little world

with none to talk to.

My mom said to be proud

of who you are.

She said, “Who wants to be normal

when your meant to be different?

Oh I’m different all right.

Really different.

But I don’t see being different

in a good way.

But I’m going to try to be proud of who I am.

I’m not going to let words put me down.

I am different.

And I am proud.

Lessons Learned

          There has been several things I have learned about the holocaust and how I can relate to it. Here are just a couple. I learned that people should not be mistreated. Everything the Holocaust did to people was horrible. I think nothing like that should ever happen again. I think everybody should get treated equal and treated good.

           Secondly, I learned to just try your best. People would try to go to Sweden or just hide somewhere. They took many risks and even if they did get caught they would keep trying. I’ve learned since I live somewhere where it’s nothing compared to their lives, I could try harder on things. They worked hard for something where they didn’t have a choice. I should try harder on things I’m made to do, even though I won’t risk dieing like they did. Again these are just a few things I have learned about the Holocaust.

The Showdown

By: Garrett Cook

 I know who’s going to win

Alabama 32-10.

Michigan State faces Alabama

Michigan State is going to get thrown around like a banana.


It is the orange bowl, an important college game

no one dares to call it lame.

I argued with my brother

that Alabama is going to whip your team like your mother.


The kickoff began

I was as still as a pan.

Alabama was schooling Michigan State

so I had to leave to here peoples complaint.


Usually I don’t care who wins

but I made a bet that depends,

on the final score.

Then I’ll win money galore.


It turned out I was wrong about my previous score

it was way more.

The score ended up to be Alabama 38-zip

Michigan State had a long road trip.




The Scorpion Sting

The Scorpion Sting


“On the count of three. One… Two… Three…” Anne said. “Ouch,” I yelled. I knew I should’ve chosen the other option.

One sunny afternoon, I approached this big hole in the ground, suppose it was a cave. I ran inside excitingly, running into all sorts of things, like a chicken who just got his head chopped off. There were two cavemen inside, Pan and Anne. I gradually walked up to them to introduce myself. For some reason they seemed very nervous. I told them I would not hurt them or tell anyone they even existed. Pan kept yelling, “You’re a liar. You’re a liar.” I didn’t have a clue to what he was talking about. They kept saying, “You’re going to capture us.” Although, I was innocent they must’ve had this problem before, where someone tried to enslave them. After all of that, They took me down to their dungeon, and gave me the options, rather one scorpion sting or seven wasp stings.

I quietly said, “One scorpion sting.” At least it would only hurt in one spot. I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Anne said, On the count of three. One… Two… Three… I yelled so loud I bet I busted their eardrums.

Then, all of the sudden, my Uncle Joe ran inside with a shotgun to save me. He probably heard me scream. Anne and pan ran off, and my uncle picked me up and carried me home. The good news is that I didn’t get any more tortured than I already was. There was no telling what those crazy cavemen would’ve done next. The bad news is that I have a big, pink, swollen bump on my arm.

I figured out the reason they were nervous was because they had been in this situation before where they tried to threaten to hurt somebody. Then, they always get caught by someone trying to save that person from further torture. I learned not to trust strangers. They’re not all nice.


Glogster project

When using the Gloster site I explained in the online poster how to use reflexive verbs and how they are integrated into the Spanish language.  The poster included a colorful and inventive way to write instructions for people, or simply make a poster for fun.

I would rather this project over a written test because it integrates my computer skills with the actual learning experience.  I enjoy using the computer systems better then writing for most functions and this I would consider one of the things I enjoy more on the computer.

Link to the Glog: Here